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We develop, optimize and maintain scalable cloud systems

For companies that want to unlock their potential with cloud computing and computer science

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Site Reliability Engineering

Ensuring that your systems are reliable, scalable and cost-effective.

  • Design and development of classic, containerized and serverless systems in the cloud (AWS, GCP)
  • Making existing systems highly reliable, scalable and available
  • Designing and optimizing software lifecycle
  • Working with product teams on keeping systems running smoothly
  • Supporting migrations of systems to the cloud
  • Building solutions using Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Applying best Software Engineering practices to Cloud Infrastructure
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Compute Efficiency

Optimization and development of high-traffic backends.

  • Large-scale software optimizations
  • Designing efficient cloud-based systems
  • Distributed systems development
  • Adapting existing applications for 10x growth
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Cloud for science

Tackling hard problems with a scientific approach.

  • Research Software Engineering
  • High-performance computing
  • Complex scientific software optimizations
  • Research software commercialization
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People & story

We're all humans - without any doubt. But with a very strong background in mathematics and computer science.

We've pushed our boundaries for several times - we've organized and participated in international programming contests, gained experience in multiple companies in Poland, Ireland and the US (including Google and Facebook).

We successfully orchestrated cloud migrations, built software and infrastructure for traffic intensive purposes, designed and delivered complex data pipelines and many more. We value team work, challenge ourselves everyday and constantly learn.
This gives us the ability to create value for our customers.

By organizing and participating in several algorithmic competitions over the years we were able to expose ourselves to extremely hard computer science tasks.
This, combined with our professional experience, gives us confidence when approaching complex scientific and development challenges.

We are FiberTide

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