Cloud for science


We are software engineers with a strong background in mathematics and computer science. We improve algorithms, design big data pipelines and complement scientific code with our engineering experience.

We can work side‑by‑side with scientists, transforming vision into reality.

We can help you with:

Research Software Engineering

We are passionate about science. Our theoretical background helps us understand and cooperate with research teams of our customers.

We can convert your research ideas into production‑grade software. We build and develop infrastructure that makes the best of your scientific solutions, integrating it with top‑end cloud's research services.

How we can help:

  • bridging the world of science and engineering
  • utilising cloud resources dedicated to research
  • running computations‑heavy software in production
  • developing software with scientific insight

Big Data pipelines

Science comes with lots of data. We've automated data processes for many of our customers and know how to make it flow smoothly. We deliver solutions for operating with data - at any scale.

Security is important to us. We know how to protect your data and share this experience with your team.

Our services include:

  • designing and building data pipelines
  • removing bottlenecks
  • implementing best data protection practices
  • optimizing infrastructure costs

Complex scientific software optimization

Perfecting algorithms is our thing. We can dive into the science behind your software and look for the crucial points where it can be optimized.

Computational complexity analysis can be essential in optimizing your solution's architecture. We put theory to work so that your ideas can run as efficiently as possible in practice.

What we can do:

  • analyze computational complexity
  • improve existing core algorithms
  • bring the state of the art computer science solutions