Scalable systems


We design cloud systems supporting high-traffic web applications. We work closely with product teams, helping them maintain application response time, 24/7 availability and cost‑efficiency - which are very important for our customers.

We are well familiar with the modern cloud-native tooling. Applications we support use a variety of technologies, including Python, Go, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Ruby.

We can help you with:

Cloud infrastructure optimization

We analyze our customers' cloud infrastructure. We then improve cost‑efficiency, enhance system architecture and apply best cloud practices.

The end result is a system that uses the right tools for the job. It's a proper balance: a solution that's appropriate for your workload and budget.

We can inspect and improve:

  • resource utilization and cost
  • security and compliance
  • development velocity (e.g. CI/CD)
  • website responsiveness
  • disaster recovery plans
  • system's scalability and availability

Migrating systems to the cloud

We support companies that want to move their workloads to the cloud. We can inspect your legacy infrastructure and guide you through the process.

Both planning and execution of the migration are important. We know how to minimize their impact on your business.

Our services include:

  • migrating from dedicated servers
  • moving workloads from one cloud to another
  • designing updated system architecture
  • moving databases and warehouses into cloud storage

Site Reliability Engineering

We know how to work on the cloud infrastructure. We believe in automation, which can improve system's stability and maintainability. Our expertise will let you be sure that your system is always available.

We work closely with your application developers and support them with our knowledge and experience of building scalable and highly available systems.

Working as SREs, we:

  • define infrastructure as code
  • prepare disaster recovery plans
  • maintain websites' availability
  • guide development teams
  • monitor the system and prevent outages
  • solve production issues